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Program of the season 2018/2019

  1. Peter Scholtes, They’ll know, we are Christians
  2. Christoper Tye, O come, ye servants of the Lord
  3. Jaques Berthier (Taizé), Laudate omnes gentes
  4. Eino Leino-Juho Railio/Oskar Merikanto, Oi muistatko
  5. Jaques Berthier (Taizé), Kyrie
  6. Jaques Berthier (Taizé), Ubi caritas et amor
  7. Melchior Franck, Da pacem Domine
  8. trad, Were you there, when they crucified my Lord
  9. Ruthild Wilson/Heinz-Helmuth Jost-Naujoks, May the Lord send angels
  10. trad., Amazing Grace
  11. John Rutter, The Lord bless you and keep you
  12. John Rutter, For the beauty of the earth
  13. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ave verum corpus K.V. 618
  14. Camille Saint Saëns, Tollite hostias
  15. David Thomas, Help me, Lord
  16. John F. Ellerton/Clement Cotterill Scholefield, The day thou gavest, Lord
  17. Anders Frostenson, Dieter Trautwein /Ole Wildestrand, Lågorna är många/Strahlen brechen viele  
  18. Theresa von Avila/Jaques Berthier (Taizé), Nada te turbe 
  19. Fred Kaan/Dorin Potter, Let us talents and tongues employ
  20. trad./Satz: Nis-Edwin List-Petersen, Let us break bread together
  21. Bernadette Farrell, Christ, Be Our Light
  22. Hans-Jürgen Netz, Nis-Edwin List-Petersen, Ein Licht anzünden

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